Dianas Fruit - Mangaweka - Taihape - New Zealand
Dianas Fruit - Mangaweka - Taihape - New Zealand

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In the highlands of the Central North Island, nestled in a valley beneath the snow capped Ruahine Ranges, is a beautiful Garden of Eden.

Kawhatau has a microclimate perfect for Peacharines (Healeys) Black Doris Plums, Omega Plums, Black Boy Peaches, Quinces, Sweet Dream Peaches and other wonderful fruit. Its season is the latest in New Zealand, meaning the complex flavours and fragrances have plenty of time to develop.

This place called Fairview has tranquil gardens growing only the best quality for your fruit bowl: our succulent peaches, peacharines, voluptuous black boy peaches, juicy plums and aromatic quinces are fabulous with amazing health benefits.

Diana’s Fruit cares about the environment we live in and the health of you and your family.

All fruit is all hand picked into non-tanalised bins, hand packed into reuseable crates, fresh from the orchard each day.

Fruit trees have been shown to sequester carbon. Diana’s Fruit have won environmental awards and is NZGAP accredited.

Fruit is grown using integrated fruit production with modern, targeted, environmentally friendly sprays and fertilisers to ensure the highest level of nutrition and keeping qualities.

All (mostly heritage) varieties are chosen for outstanding flavour, and intense colour.

Diana and her family have farmed in Kawhatau since the 1920’s (you can read the family history here) They carefully pick and pack all this delicious fruit—just for you and your family.

Most fruit sellers in the North Island have access to our fruit in season. If they are not currently selling Diana’s Peacharines and Plums —ask them to!

Our fruit is NOT available by mail order – we simply cannot guarantee good courier handling. Fruit in quantity (e.g. for bottling), is also available —ask your retailer for a box of seconds. They may be ugly, but they taste just as good.

Orchard gate fruit (minimum quantity 10kg) is available Monday to Wednesday not between 12noon and 2pm.

Please ring Diana beforehand on 0211474018

Too far for a day trip? Why not make it a wonderful autumn excursion and book a night at The Green Trout… the scenery is absolutely stunning.

They even have a preserving pan for your bottling and jam making – return home with your jars full!

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about Diana, the family and all their incredible fruit.

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Diana's Fruit Welcome to Diana's World

Dianas Fruit