Dianas Fruit NZ
Our premium product
Natural peach/nectarine cross
Soft, thin, non-furry skin - like an apricot
Black Doris Plums
Firm, purple flesh with an intense perfume and sweet juicy flavour - Fabulous eaten fresh
Omega Plums
Gold toned red skin, Dense rich red flesh, superb eaten raw
Black boy peaches
A traditional stewing variety, but delicious fresh too - Dense, almost blood red flesh
Very furry
Traditional central European delicacy
Fragrant but often unusual shapes
A pear relation

Welcome to Diana's World

In the highlands of the Central North Island, nestled in a valley beneath the snow capped Ruahine Ranges, is a beautiful Garden of Eden.

Kawhatau has a microclimate perfect for Peacharines and other wonderful fruit. Its season is the latest in New Zealand, meaning the complex flavours and fragrances have plenty of time to develop.

This place called Fairview has tranquil gardens growing only the best quality for your fruit bowl: succulent peacharines, voluptuous black boy peaches, juicy plums and aromatic quinces.

Diana and her family carefully pick and pack this delicious fruit—just for you and your family.